Cubic Press Machine (No Sylinder)


    • The use of six-face top hydraulic press

      Diamond making machine

      Hexagonal hydraulic press is an ultra-high pressure equipment for synthesizing superhard materials. It is the main equipment widely used in China's superhard material industry. The six-faceted hydraulic press developed and designed by Hanfa Group has safety and stability, simple operation, convenient maintenance, and significant economic benefits.

      This equipment is mainly used for the production and research of superhard materials such as synthetic diamond, cubic boron nitride single crystal and polycrystalline, synthetic composite sheet (PCD.PCBN).

    • Six-face top cylinderless press

      Features: high precision, high stability, and high economic efficiency.

      Disadvantages: The production technology of hinge beams is high, the design pressure is 110MP, and the working pressure is less than 85MP.

  • Types and characteristics of ultra-high pressure

    1. Supercharger overpressure

    The traditional overpressure form has advantages: low noise, low failure rate and super stability; disadvantages: large volume, high initial investment cost, and limited overpressure volume.

    2. Overpressure of ultra-high pressure pump

    Advantages: simple structure, suitable for various technological forms.

    Disadvantages: high noise, high power, limited by the production quality of the pump.

    Configuration: 2-3 motors, motor power 5-20KW. (Appropriate adjustments will be made according to the cavity and process).

    3. Overpressure of double-acting reciprocating supercharger

    Advantages: low noise, small size, convenient installation, suitable for various process forms.

    Disadvantages: unstable service life.

    4. Advantages of flushing type supercharger: small size, low noise, low failure rate, good stability, suitable for various technological forms. Disadvantages: need a second pressure relief.

    5. There are two commonly used overpressure methods:

    a) Supercharger overpressure.

    b) The ultra-high pressure pump is overpressured.

  • Hydraulic system

    1. The composition of the hydraulic system

    a. According to its oil circuit, it can be divided into two parts: main oil circuit and control oil circuit.

    The main oil circuit is bounded by an ultra-high pressure controllable one-way valve, which can be divided into two parts, high-pressure and ultra-high-pressure oil circuits. The high-pressure oil circuit is 10-28 (MPa), which is composed of an axial piston pump and general high-pressure hydraulic components. The ultra-high pressure oil circuit is composed of a two-position seven-way valve, an ultra-high pressure controllable one-way valve and an ultra-high pressure one-way valve. The pressure of the ultra-high pressure oil circuit is below 120MPa.

    b. According to its appearance, it is divided into the following 2 parts The ultra-high pressure part of the main engine: It is composed of an ultra-high pressure controllable one-way valve, an ultra-high pressure one-way valve and a two-position seven-way valve, and is connected to the six-side top host by an ultra-high pressure pipeline.

    High-pressure control part: consists of hydraulic station and power part. Developed according to the changes in the ultra-high pressure part. Connected to the ultra-high pressure part by hose or steel pipe.

    2. Features of hydraulic part

    Scientifically divide the hydraulic system to complete off-site production of ultra-high pressure pipes. The whole machine can be installed with dual oil filtering systems to keep the oil circuit clean. The overall layout is neat and plug-in connection with the electronic control system. It is quick to install and easy to maintain and maintain. It is beneficial Normal production equipment management.

    3. Hydraulic configuration

    Working pressure: ultra-high pressure max 120MPa.

    System pressure max:

    The ultra-high pressure pump is configured to 12Mpa, and the supercharger is 15Mpa. Return pressure max: 5MPa (adjustable range 1.5-8MPa).

    Mainly equipped with power: (the plunger pump will be adjusted appropriately according to the size of the cylinder diameter).

    Plunger pump: 63/80 SCY14-1B supporting motor: 10-20KW; 10SCY14-1B supporting motor: 4Kw.

    Pressure relief method: a. Proportional type: realizes three-stage unloading and meets the existing mainstream synthetic pressure relief requirements.

    b. Curve type: also known as servo pressure relief, which can achieve arbitrary curve pressure relief and meet mainstream pressure relief requirements and special pressure relief requirements.

    c. Compound type: comprehensive proportional and curved pressure relief, which basically meets all requirements of industrial synthetic pressure relief.

    d. Gem-grade type: high-precision pressure relief, more in line with the synthetic process curve, and small pressure fluctuations.

    Main valve diameter: 16 diameter of electro-hydraulic reversing valve, 10 diameter of electromagnetic reversing valve.
  • Electric control system

    The main technical parameters

    a. Range and range

    Working environment temperature: -10-50℃

    Control part voltage: 180~250 V(AC)

    Pressure detection range: 150 MPa

    Heating current control range: 5000A-6000A

    Heating voltage control range: 10V-12 V

    Heating power control range: 32 kw

    Detection range of displacement potentiometer: 200mm

    Dynamic response time: <0.1s

    Transformer configuration: 40-70KVA output: 7V, 10V

    Copper braided wire: 1200-1500mm2 1.5m+1.8m

    b. Precision and resolution

    Pressure detection accuracy: 0.2 level Display resolution: 0.01MPa

    Primary current accuracy: 0.2 level Display resolution: 0.01A

    Secondary current accuracy: 0.2 level Display resolution: 1A

    Heating voltage accuracy: 0.2 level Display resolution: 0.001V

    Synthetic resistance resolution: 0.001 milliohm

    Displacement sensor accuracy: 0.05mm display resolution: 0.01mm

    Power adjustment accuracy: 1W Display resolution: 0.001kW


Model HFWG650 HFWG700 HFWG750 HFWG800 HFWG850 HFWG900
Hinge beam diameter 650mm 700mm 750mm 800mm 850mm 900mm
Piston diameter 650mm 700mm 750mm 800mm 850mm 900mm
Design pressure 110Mpa 110Mpa 110Mpa 110Mpa 110Mpa 110Mpa
Single cylinder pressure 36.5MN 42.3MN 48.6MN 55.3MN 62.4MN 69.9MN
Nominal pressure 85Mpa 85Mpa 85Mpa 85Mpa 85Mpa 85Mpa
Nominal single cylinder thrust 28.2MN 32.7MN 37.5MN 42.7MN 48.2MN 54MN
Maximum opening height 682mm 802mm 872mm 932mm 952mm 1052mm
Maximum closed height 540mm 630mm 700mm 760mm 780mm 870mm
Limit stroke 71mm 86mm 86mm 86mm 86mm 91mm
Recommended top hammer: (top hammer longitude x hammer surface) Φ127*46 Φ142*49 Φ150*51 Φ160*61 Φ165*62 Φ175*62.5
Recommended diamond synthesis cavity 35mm 38mm 40mm 50mm 51mm 51.5mm
Recommended composite cavity 32mm 35mm 43mm 47mm 48mm 48.5mm
Dimensions 2532x2532x 3082 mm 2712x2712x3262mm 2812x2812 x3362 mm 2902x2902x3452 mm 3100x3100 x3650 mm 3312x3312 x3862 mm
Net total press 34.1t 45.2t 49.74t 58.63t 70.25t 82.9t


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